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Did you know that metal roofs are among the longest lasting types of roofs available? Where single ply and asphalt roofs have an expected life of about 20 years, metal roofs can last well beyond 40 years! Studies conducted by Ducker Research have shown that the life-cycle cost of metal roofing is lower than asphalt and single ply. Not only that, roughly 3.5 percent of the total cost of a metal roof is spent on maintenance compared to 28.5 percent for asphalt roofing. Here’s another impressive fact from the 2004 Ducker Research survey: 0 percent of metal roofs studied leaked due to material failure while 36 percent of asphalt roofs and 56 percent of single ply roofs did.

As a Dallas metal roof contractor, we’re partial to the advantages of metal roofing and happy to share them with you.

Metal Roofing Advantages

Obviously the long life of metal roofs is one of the biggest advantages. Since metal roofs require very little maintenance and rarely leak, your cost of owning a metal roof is extremely low, especially when you factor in the cost of installation over the roof’s lifetime. Beyond longevity and the low lifetime cost advantages, you’ll find that the sheer beauty of metal roofing is another advantage. These roofs add a distinctive aesthetic and come in many attractive styles. Finally, energy efficiency is extremely attractive, especially in the Texas climate. Heat-deflecting coatings reduce cooling loads and keep your home cooler despite the blazing Texas sun. A metal roof can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills, helping to offset your initial investment and providing relief for many years to come.

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