Roof Repair

Dallas Metal Roof Contractor – Roof Repair

As a Dallas metal roof contractor, we intimately know the unique challenges involved with metal roofing. While metal roofs are durable and long lasting, they’re not immune to damage, vandalism, or leaks. Older metal roofs may have issues with rust or corrosion, too. No matter what symptoms (scientific explanation if you are interested) your metal roof is showing, hiring a local Dallas metal roof contractor experienced in metal roof repair is a smart choice.

Dallas Roof Repair Services

We handle roof repairs of all types including issues involving metal roofs, flat roofs, and traditional roofs. Commercial and residential repair services are offered including:

  • Minor roof leak repair
  • Major roof leak repair
  • Structural roof damage repair
  • Storm and ice damage repair
  • Hail damage repair
  • Missing or damaged roof tile replacement
  • Missing or damaged roof shingle replacement
  • Missing or damaged roof panel replacement
  • Roof deck repair
  • Emergency Roof Repairs
    • Although these cases are rare here in Texas, if you have been a victim of strong weather conditions then give us a call as soon as possible to schedule an appointment with us. We know how stressful and disturbing these sorts of events can be for home owners and we do everything in our power to handle these jobs as fast as we can. As we have mentioned, we have partnered with and worked with teams from all over the country and many of these are more prone than we are to harsh weather conditions. These roofers in Chesterfield Mo are among some of the teams we have worked with and these guys specifically specialize in emergency repairs and much of what we have learned is from our experience with them.

Is your roof in dire condition with water or sunlight pouring in where it shouldn’t be? Let’s face it, some roof repairs can wait while others cannot. We use a “triage” system that prioritizes roof repairs so that those requiring urgent assistance receive prompt treatment. Depending on weather conditions, we may need to wait until conditions are safe. However, rest assured that you’ve contacted a Dallas metal roof contractor committed to prompt, reliable service.